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1. New manufacturing facility for Caryaire in Mumba      (Bhiwandi)

2. Caryaire introduces ERV's with high efficient cross flow     plate heat exchanger

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1. Company Nicotra (North) – Sales Manager


  Welcome to Nicotra India Pvt. Ltd.
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Linear Grills, Ceiling Diffusers, Linear Slot Diffusers, Intake and Exhaust Louvers, Jet Nozzles and Spot Diffusers, Volume Control Dampers, Fire & Smoke Dampers, Backdraft and Pressure Relief Dampers, Sound Attenuators, Cabinet & Circular Inline Fans, Wall Mounted and Rectangular Insulated Inline Fans, Hydronic Cassette & Duct Fan Coil Units, Propellar Fans and Armacell Insulation Products (for North India), Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator
Joint Venture with
Complete Range of
Centrifugal Fans, Axial Flow Fans, Smoke Extract Fans,
Jet Fans & Cabinet Fans

A Joint Venture to Manufacture Wide Range of Aluminium Extrusions for Architectural, Industrial, Transport, Electrical, Electronics, Air Conditioning & Defense Applications.



“ CarySoft ERP is a highly advanced ERP solution that integrates internal and external management information across your entire organisation embracing Finance, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Sales & Human Resources.”

“Carypure” is a residential and commercial range of High Performance Air Pollution Control devices. Designed to bring Particulate Matter within WHO Norms and attacks microbes, gasses and odours

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