Clarification & Announcement

Caryaire Branded Grills, Diffusers and other Air Terminal Products are available only from Caryaire Equipments India Private Ltd CEIPL and its authorized distributors. Caryaire has not authorized/sold/approved any production, trademark or branding rights of any of the above products to any other entity in India or Overseas. Our Manufacturing facilities are located in Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh and Bhiwandi Maharashtra. In 2012, Caryaire relinquished its shares in our Joint Venture Company, Caryaire Air System Components Pvt Ltd CASC which is now known as Ruskin Titus India Pvt. Ltd. That Entity is not authorized to use the Caryaire Brand for any products, for Supply or Approval since Jan 1 2013. All Customers are hereby requested to contact Caryaire directly for their requirements against all HVAC Tenders which carry “Caryaire” as an approved make. Our Customers are hereby requested to report any claims from anyone which contradicts the above, to us at CARYAIRE is a name synonymous with quality and reliability and we pride ourselves in providing the best products and services to our Customers. Our Product range includes Air Terminal Products Various Grills & Diffusers, Fresh Air Intake Louvers, Air Control Devices, Fire & Smoke Control Dampers, Sound Attenuators, Flexible Ducts, Backdraft & Pressure Relief Dampers, Cabinet and Circular Inline Fans, Hydronic Cassette & High Wall Units , Propeller Fans, LVLS Fans, Air Filtration Units, Air Purifiers, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Nitrile Rubber Insulation. In Addition we also have a Robust Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software, named CarySoft which caters to medium to large scale manufacturers and Contractors For more information, please visit us at