Our Smokespill Axial fans have the latest EN Certification !

The only company in India that offers its Smokespill axial fans with EN certification on the latest international standard, EN 12101-3:2015 We master every form of smoke extraction with one of the largest range of mechanical smoke extract solutions, covering all aspects of buildings, from underground parking to the roof. We are pleased to inform that we have extended our EN certification on Smokespill Axial fans including Vanes on the latest international standard. The earlier BS & EN standard of 2002 has become obsolete and has been replaced by BS EN 12101-3:2015. Nicotra India is currently the only company in the country offering certification on this latest standard, using Indian produced motor, ensuring reliability and quick deliveries. For a product to have a valid certification, it is important that the complete fan alongwith motor being supplied, strictly conforms to the product that got tested & certiifed. Change in the make of motor or other components, makes the certification void