Spot Diffuser

Spot Diffuser


Caryaire Spherical Spot Diffuser ASJN904 is a long throw diffuser designed to throw relatively large quantities of air over long throws and is suitable to condition large spaces such as terminal buildings, factories, warehouses and auditoriums. The “Ball” can be swiveled +/- 36,40,42 degrees  from the horizontal/vertical plane for sizes 200,304 & 410 respectively . An Optional Mill Finish Steel Butterfly damper (2 flap) can be mounted at the back of the “Ball” which would be operable from the mouth of the Diffuser

All Aluminium Construction, Finish Powder Coated in Standard Caryaire White (CW) or Caryaire Off White (CO) Able to Handle Large Air Velocities

  • With Almost a Funnel Type Cross Section, It can create exceptionally long throws of upto 30m Long 
  • Exceptional Level of Adjustability, Making it Truly Versatile Supply Air Diffuser
  • Core is Held with a Single Outer Frame Which can be Screwed to the Supporting Structure
  • All Aluminium Construction
  • Can be Factory Fitted onto Mounting Plate in Banks of Multiple Diffusers or Individually                                 




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