Light Duty Backdraft Damper - AG662S

Light Duty Backdraft Damper - AG662S


Caryaire model AG 662S damper is a non-return gravity operated damper. It is specially designed for use in air conditioning, ventilation and for air intake and exhaust. It has horizontally mounted blades free to rotate on axis. Normally damper is closed, air pressure or air velocity opens & closes the damper. Damper is equipped with Side compression jamb seals and blade tip seals for low leakage. It is manufactured either in aluminium or galvanized steel sheet. Supplied in a variety of Frame Options

Duct Mounting : AG662S and AG662S-AL

Flange Mounting : AG662S-F and AG662S-AL-F  (Flange may be supplied on either side of the Frame, as Required)




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