Multicone Jet Diffuser

Multicone Jet Diffuser


Caryaire Multicone Jet  Diffuser ASJN704 is a versatile diffuser designed to handle large air flow rates and provides relatively long throws and is suitable to condition large spaces such as terminal buildings, factories, warehouses and auditoriums. The core is pivoted on its axis which allows for complete rotation/reversal of the core and  changes from normal diffusion to jet throw patterns.

All Aluminium Construction, Finish Powder Coated in Standard Caryaire White (CW) or Caryaire Off White (CO)     Multi Cone Jet Diffuser with Adjustable Angles
•     High Flow Rates and Long Throws
•     Reversible and Rotatable, Providing Short and Long Jet Throw patterns
•     Ideal for Terminal Buildings, Warehouses & Factories




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