Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator


Effective Ventilation

  • Introduces outdoor fresh air into indoors, meanwhile expels the indoor stale air to outdoor, which makes you feel the comfort of nature.
  • High efficient energy recovery
  • The built-in high efficient heat exchanger can recover the energy from outgoing indoor air to coming fresh air while ventilating. It can recover more then 70% energy.
  • Perfect silence design
  • It is designed with the worldwide fashionable structure and manufactured by the accurate moldings. According to the principle of hydrokinetics, it achieves the perfect silent effect by using the micro-punch anechoic technology.
  • Air filtration and purification
  • The inner air filters are professionally designed to remove the pollutants of the incoming air, providing you the fresh and clean air.
  • By-pass function
  • By-pass function enables the unit to make natural ventilation in suitable climates, which can prolong the service life of the heat exchanger.
  • High airproof feature and easy maintenance
  • The heat exchanger is connected with the equipment by the in-mold rail, and embedded with the special soft and dense sealing materials. It can be drew out by hand and is easy to maintain. At the same time, it can ensure that the fresh air and exhaust air are completely separated, avoiding the cross pollution.




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