Square Diffuser

Square Diffuser


Caryaire Square Diffuser AS704 is an excellent architectural diffuser designed with multiple cones, placed in a single plane. It provides excellent diffusion as the air exits in all four directions and hugs the ceiling to provide efficient mixing and performance. It features a removable core which provides for easy installation and for easy access to the ductwork/damper. Available in many configurations of frames for different applications Versatile, 4 way Diffusion

  • All Aluminium Contruction 
  • Removable Central Core for Damper Adjustment and Plenum Access 
  • Optional Opposed Blade Damper Mounted on Neck 
  • Caryaire Recommends a Factory Made Plenum With Round Spigot Connection
  • Available for Grid Ceilings 
  • Neck size 150x150 to 600x600
  • Rectangular Shapes Available
  • 1, 2, 3 Way Diffusion Available



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