Circular Hydronic Cassette

Circular Hydronic Cassette


Circular Hydronic Cassette


Caryaire state of art Circular Cassette Unit with an innovative 360° degree airflow design ensures air coming out of the unit is circulated uniformly in all directions.

  • Unit:

Casing made out of Galvanized Steel with pre-formed expanded polystyrene being used for air passage inside the unit, sized appropriately to take care of thermal and acoustic insulation of air.

  • Panel:

A circular panel with elegant design is made out of ABS using synthetic washable pre-filter. The panel has a digital LED Display as Standard.                                                                                                                                       
  • Blower:

Blower made of plastic in a single piece with injection moulding without any joint between blades and inlet cone/end plate ensures a balanced wheel and hence less noisy.
  • Fresh air

Fresh Air inlet arrangement is available as standard in all models.
  • Circular Heat Exchanger:

High-efficiency circular coil is made of copper and aluminum blue fins for better heat transfer.
  • Drain Pump:

Drain pump with NRV is installed in every unit as standard.

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